Prometeo Project - Predictive Infrastructure Maintenance using Intelligent Remote Monitoring & Integrated Dynamic Modelling

The PROMETEO project is focused on the predictive maintenance of infrastructures through continuous intelligent remote sensing coupled with dynamic numerical modelling. The proposed approach is valid for a wide range of infrastructures. It includes three main innovative components:

  • Continuous intelligent deformation monitoring using remote sensing. In this project we propose to perform a continuous intelligent deformation monitoring using an advanced remote sensing: the InSAR technique.

  • Web-based integration of monitoring data and first-level analysis. Each monitoring device provides its own data, with given spatial resolution, temporal sampling, precision, deformation information, etc.

  • Integration platform based on dynamic modelling to perform prediction and alert.

The main goal of modelling is to provide a tool to understand, define, quantify, visualize, or simulate how a geo-structure behaves. If the proposed model can reproduce past and present behaviours, it could be used also to predict what will happen in the future according to given external load scenarios.